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Viewpoint discrimination - Where are the ID proponents now?

By Pim van Meurs

Posted September 16, 2007

ID proponents are quick to argue 'viewpoint discrimination' whenever their attempts to introduce their scientifically vacuous ideas fail. If ID were really interested in protecting people from viewpoint discrimination then surely they will be outraged by the following article Can God Love Darwin, Too?

Remember Richard Colling, a biologist and professor at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois. In 2004, Colling wrote a book called "Random Designer".

... as he said in a letter to students and colleagues this year -- "I want you to know the truth that God is bigger, far more profound and vastly more creative than you may have known." Moreover, he said, God "cares enough about creation to harness even the forces of [Darwinian] randomness."

His words however were not well received

Anger over his work had been building for two years. When classes resumed in late August, things finally came to a head. Colling is prohibited from teaching the general biology class, a version of which he had taught since 1991, and college president John Bowling has banned professors from assigning his book. At least one local Nazarene church called for Colling to be fired and threatened to withhold financial support from the college.

So when can we expect a cry of outrage from the Discovery Institute, demanding that Colling will be allowed to teach his usual classes?

Has Hell frozen over? Oh the irony...

Originally posted on The Panda's Thumb.