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Whirled Does Musicals

By John Kassel

Posted July 23, 2004

The famous Victorian musical collaborators Gilbert & Sullivan wrote musical and lyrical doggerel which has become part of the culture of the English speaking world. Often their classics deflating the pompous and pretentious, like I Am the Very Model of the Modern Major General, have been modified as vehicles for satire and parody and archived.

We at Whirled Magazine have discovered two fragments of the work of a heretofore unknown pair of collaborators, W.A. Dilbert and Welligan Sullivan, who must have joined this august tradition. We publish them here, as discovered, for the first time.

The first, found rolled inside the hatband of a large Stetson, was difficult to decipher because of the barbecue stains... As best we can tell it reads:

The second was found in a steamer trunk covered with lunar decals with this attached tiny cumpled paperclipped note...

The Sorcerer by Gilbert and Sullivan
I am John Wellington Wells, A dealer in magic and spells.
Stage Directions, chorus required
Background Sign:
J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers
Feeling a Fog of Pessimism? - Potions Here!

And when unrolled from the frog eggs, reads:

It's rumored that a yet undiscovered tribute dedicated to someone named "P.J." exists. But for true G&S fans, speculation on which work W.A. and Welligan chose to pay tribute to should not be too difficult. The undiscovered tribute is said to be nearly identical to the original.

Whirled Magazine: Failing reason and evidence!
Our chief peacetime weapons are irony, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and... satire.

This article was first posted at http://members.aol.com/foggg/whirled.html.