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Title Author Date
Kennewick Secular Society talk Oct 2009 RJDownard@aol.com Nov 05, 2009
I gave a short speech to the Kennewick Secular Society on Oct. 25 and a friend recorded it and posted it on Youtube and Richard Dawkins' website.
Anyone interested in seeing it can google the posted title: "The Absurdity of Religion: Tortucan Traps" In it I propose a new terminology (tortucans) to characterize people who have an aptitude for not thinking about things they don't think about, and how this leads to such eccentricities as creationist "science".

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Title Author Date
gerald schroeder Heller, Bob Oct 25, 2009
as a skeptic and someone whose 'soul' is endangered, i was directed by a do-gooder to www.aish.com to the latest article by physicist, gerald schroeder, entitled:
the origins of life
i am a physician and lack advanced degrees in biology and physics. i have read your articles about schroeder and his manipulating the facts to 'prove' the inerrancy of the bible. would you have any time to comment on this article? i get so frustrated reading his works, since i am not familiar with the people he quotes nor do i have a solid grasp of the science.


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Title Author Date
Voynich Manuscript Gibberish Analysis Francis , Joseph Oct 25, 2009
I had occasion to make up some Voynich gibberish for an art project http://www.digitalartform.com/archives/2009/03/nothing_is_real.html and I found many 'letter' combinations unacceptable from a design
standpoint. Some letters resemble vowels - others, consonants. You can't
just put them together any old way; they don't look good.
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Title Author Date
Harold Blum Rick Sep 30, 2009
What do you make of Harold Blum's assertion in 'Time's Arrow and Evolution', 3rd ed., page 164...the italicized sentence. In short, how was the transition from organic matter to life made without the necessary enzyme systems that are produced by life.

Thank you for the forum.
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Title Author Date
Schopenhauer quote Slattery, Diana Aug 01, 2009
Been trying to find the source for the Schopenhauer quote, "All truth passes through..." and found your page stating this is a misattribution.

Do you still hold this position? I love the quote and want to cite it in an upcoming aritcle for the journal "Configurations."

Diana Slattery
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