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James Downard RJDownard@aol.com Sep 06, 2006
Since etorres did not specify what exactly would constitute a bullet proof argument for evolution, or on what grounds the correspondent decided evolution was not adequate established, there is little to comment on.

I can attest to the chain of reasoning that persuaded me that natural evolution was the only viable account for how the diversity of life has come to be, and I alluded to links of that chain (such as biogeography and the details of the fossil record)in my analyses of Ann Coulter's book.

Whether Coulter herself will ever address any of these criticisms herself remains problematic. To date she and her followers (such as Phyllis Schlafly) insist that no one is criticizing her on the substance of the antievolution claims.

In this respect Coulter and etorres may be kindred spirits.
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