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Title Author Date
Dawkins and the eye model RJDownard@aol.com Aug 21, 2006
As far as I am aware Dawkins hasn't shown any awareness that there is a fuss about the use of the word "computer" in this case. Of more interest would be various evolutionary redactors of Dawkins who might have repeated the term simply because that is what Dawkins said.

Proper scholarly caution is a sharp sword that cuts all ways, and in an ideal world where everybody attends carefully to primary sources there would be a lot of methodological funk to go around.

On the other hand, as David Berlinski has recently demonstrated in his Coulter controversy "reply" at the Discovery Institute (just posted this weekend) Berlinski can't get past Dawkins and the eye issue.

Things have been rather hectic on the home front for me, leading to a delay in organizing Part IV of the Coulter series. Add to that the need for a brief reply to Berlinski at the DI and the summer heat is getting even toastier.
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