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Title Author Date
Coulter Zickerman, Dennis Jul 11, 2006
I happened on a John Derbyshire link to your site. Having been one of several of his readers who asked him to deconstruct Coulter, ID, and all the rest of it, I was grateful to discover you. I look forward to the next installment. And while you're at it, perhaps someone will take the time to give George Gilder's "Evolution and Me" article in the July 17 National Review the same treatment--if,that is, anyone can penetrate his prose. Anyway, thank you for your good work. The science is way over my head, but I get enough of it to satisfy my need to see Coulter's views thoroughly debunked.
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Title Author Date
Coulter TalkReason , Jul 11, 2006
Dear Dennis:

Thank you for your letter. If you are interested in a critique of Gilder's screed, you may look up the well-substantiated post by Steve Reuland at the Panda's Thumb blog.

Best wishes,

Talk Reason
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