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Title Author Date
Ann Coulter Shokooh, Arsalan Jul 11, 2006
I am puzzled by your lengthy and detailed response to Coulter's garbage. She says garbage just about every issue including science. You should know that. She is neither a scientist, a journalist, a writer, nor even a woman of religious conviction. She is simply a trash. Do you think she would be making a dime if she was a progressive? Spreading hatred, ignorance and venom, in today's America, will bring fame and money. Of course she didn't write those sections on evolution by herself--she doesn't have enough gray cells to think beyond the most primitive human functions. You write " We await Coulter's insightful observations on these and other questions." Insightfulness? Observation? Don't you know these are of higher level activities of human intelligence far beyond her ability to perform?

By responding to her rubbish you legitimize her claims to respectability. I expected more from Talk Reason. I am very disappointed. You will not change her mind and those of vast masses of idiots who take their clues from her. But you've managed to lend her credibility she does not deserve. A truly great pity.


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Title Author Date
Ann Coulter RJDownard@aol.com Jul 12, 2006
Sorry my sarcasm didn't hit home re "we await Coulter's insightful observations..." I have absolutely no illusions that Coulter or any of her groupies will be even slightly inclined to thinking about the points I raise. That's not my problem.

But an idea worth having is one worth defending, and the process of carefully thinking through a problem, even one so effusively stupid as Coulter's book, cannot help clarify one's own thinking. And that is quite a different pursuit.

You might want to read Sandra Wooten's letter above, and my comment, to get more of the "hidden agenda" behind my Coulter series.

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