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Title Author Date
inquiry Kalchstein , Shlomo Jan 13, 2005
Dear Mr. Eterman,

I read your reply to my inquiry, dated December 26, 04, regarding the nature and source of Jewishness. I appreciate that you gave the question serious thought, and took time to write a generous reply. Such a commitment to full and open discourse is rare and commendable. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I was right to expect that they would be insightful and interesting. Your writing is particularly impressive.

In turn, I would like to reply, as I believe the basis of your essay conflicts with unequivocal, manifested evidence. But there is also the issue of the internal validity of your argument. Here, too, I believe flaws can be demonstrated.

In order to reply in a proper manner, I feel I need your answers to two other, simple questions which are related. I do not aim to tie you up with further dissertations. If you would kindly oblige, you can just provide the boiled-down answers.
1. What is the purpose of human existence? What precisely is it that people must strive to accomplish no matter what?
2. What should be the highest link in a person's value system? What measuring stick, so to speak, holds sway above all else?

I feel these are fundamental questions which are answerable in clear and brief terms. Yes, volumes can be and are written on these subjects. But I am not seeking the full process of derivation or the ideology behind them. I would just like your basic reply, similar to an organization's mission statement rather than its policy manual.

Thank you very much. I look forward to your reply.

Shlomo Kalchstein
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Title Author Date
inquiry TalkReason , Jan 13, 2005
Dear Mr. Kalchstein,

Once again Mr. Eterman has prepared a response to your questions whose length does not permit it being posted in the Letters section of this website. It has been posted on this site as an article, and can be found at http://www.talkreason.org/articles/Reply2.cfm.

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